The Universal Roof Mounting System
Clenergy´s PV-ezRack SolarRoof is a roof-mounting solution suitable for most types of pitched and flat roofs. Using our innovative PV-ezRack Rail, Z-modules and standard roof hooks, PV-ezRack SolarRoof has become one of the most versatile rooftop solutions in the world, delivering a safe and cost-effective solution to installers.  
Installation Site: Pitched or flat roof
Applicable Roof Cladding: Most claddings
Roof Slope: Up to 60°
Max. Building Height: Up to 20m
Wind Load: 80m/s
Snow Load: 1.4KN/m²
Applicable Module: Framed or frameless
Module Orientation: Landscape or portrait
Standards: AS/NZS 1170
Material: Anodised aluminium
Warranty: 10 years*
Key Benefits
Easy Installation
Our versatile rail, Z-module and splice kit eliminates the need for onsite cutting, making SolarRoof a safe and cost effective PV mounting system.
Versatile Application
With a full range of roof hooks, PV-ezRack SolarRoof is suitable for most roofing types, including pitched tile roofs, metal roofs, concrete roofs and even slate roofs.
Great Compatibility
Designed as a universal PV mounting system, SolarRoof is compatible with most of the major framed and frameless PV modules on the market.
High Quality
Strict quality control over materials and finished products ensures optimum strength and long life for your installation.
10-Year Warranty
Clenergy provides a 10 year product warranty for your peace of mind
Key Components
Roof Brackets
PV-ezRack SolarRoof offers a variety of brackets for different roof claddings, to make the installation easier and safer.
Tilt Legs
To maximize the PV power output of your system Clenergy has designed a wide range of tilt legs. We offer adjustable tilt legs enabling you to orientate your panels from 10 to 60 degrees.
PV-ezRack Rail
The patented PV-ezRack rail has two input spaces perpendicular to each other, one is used to place clamps and the other to connect roof hooks, all using our unique Z-modules as junction components. This ensures you will save time on site.
Splice Kit
The splice kit makes rail extension easier than ever. The two rails can be easily put together without cutting any rails on site
With our patented Z-module technology, our clamps can securely fix the PV modules directly to the rail. Clamp sizes ranging from 28 to 57mm ensure PV-ezRack is compatible with all the major framed panels on the market.
Assembly Illustration
Cross-section of the system showing how the Z-module connection works between interface, rail and clamp.
By using the Clenergy splice kit you don’t need to cut the rails.

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