The Single Axis Tracker
PV-ezRack Solar Tracker 1X is a single-axis tracking system designed for ground mount installations of solar panels. Once installed, you simply preset the system according to its geographical location, and the tracker will position the panels´ orientation in realtime to maximise the energy yield.  
Installation Site: Open field
Tracker Type: Single axis
Tracking Mode: 1° at a time
Max. Area: 15m²
Max. System Weight: 1000kg
Max. Wind Speed: 38m/s
Applicable Module: Framed
Adjustable Angle: -60° to +60°
Control Method: PLC
Motor: 3000RPM (DC or AC 24V)
Driver Type: Slew drive
Key Benefits
Easy Installation
Pre-cut rails and cross brackets eliminate the need to cut onsite, ensuring a fast set up time and commissioning.
Enhancing Energy Yield
Delivers up to 25% more energy than a fixed system and maximises kWh generated per m² through a more efficient use of available land.
Good Compatibility
Designed as a universal mounting system, SolarTracker is compatible with most of the major framed PV modules on the market.
High Quality
Strict quality control over the entire process from material selection and manufacturing to pre-construction ensures optimum life of the System.